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DFAS - Heading for Deep Water
USS Nautilus (SSN 571) - Underway on Nuclear Power
End of Patrol SSBN 654
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Welcome to Submarine Art!
by renowned National USSVI and Juried Artist Tom Denton

High quality prints offered by Tom at discounted prices of $25.00(plus $5.00 shipping). Find your boat, ship, lighthouse, or whatever by using the below Control Panel or use the Search function below the Control Panel. Custom sizes and framing are still available, and we will do whatever is needed to help you get that special print. Unless otherwise noted, prints are nominally sized at 11 x 14 inches. New prints are being added all the time so check back often, but if you have a special request, call at 301-845-0049 or e-mail This Site is MORE than just SUBMARINES - BUT - If you are a SUBMARINER - I have completed paintings of every submarine built for the US Navy from 1900 to present day!


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